Sitemap - 2021 - The Mad Ned Memo

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Good CRAGILE: Crappy Agile That Works!

The Further Text Adventures of Scott Adams

Coming Wednesday: A Chance to Talk with Text Adventure Game Pioneer Scott Adams!

Two Things I Learned When I Crash Landed at a Startup

When The "R" Goes Missing From R&D

What Heathkit Taught Me About Good UX Design

Why I Miss Working in the Crappiest Places

A Talk With Computer Gaming Pioneer Walter Bright About Empire

Wardialing and Other Phoney Stuff

Old Memories 2: Magnetic Boogaloo!

Being Not-So-Bad at Bad Reviews

The Dead Code Diaries

The Value Of Screwing Around At Work

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How Many Bits Will Make You Happy?

The Coming Age of "Natural Ned"

Trash Eighties: Radio Shack's Golden Years

Vendor, Vidi, Vici!

An Old Hacker's Tips On Staying Employed

What's In Store?

The KISS of Death!

What You Learn About Management in 48 Hours

A Teenager's Guide to Workplace Ethics

General Expert, Major Havoc

Black Hat Exploits of the Stupid-Easy '80s

The Ephemeral Nature Of Tech

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When We All Pretended We Had Computers

The Case for the Liberal Arts Programmer

Gaming 004: Pirates of the 7 CDs

Demo Roulette

The Enemy Within

A Teenager's Guide to Avoiding Actual Work

Thin Pipe, Part II

Thin Pipe, Part I

Gaming 003: Show Me Your Bits!

The Limitations Paradox

Constrain Yourself!

Gaming 002: Attack of the Arcade Era!

Bonus/Incentive Program Discussion

Thanks for the Bonus, I Quit!

Gaming 001: Pizza, Fried Dough, Bells, and Video

But First, a Message from Grampy...

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