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I too have a TRS-80 program from 40 years ago, but not as exciting as a game. It's a public key encryption program written in Z80 assembler and then hand-assembled into decimal bytes to be "put" into memory from a BASIC program. The divide routine is 198 bytes long and spans 11 pages in my hand-written double-spaced notebook. I even have the original Scientific American article and the RSA paper from MIT, which I used to figure out the algorithm.

If I remember correctly, it could encode a 28 character message in 38 minutes, or maybe it was the other way around. Debugging, of course, was a lot of "fun" because there was no debugger. I had to dump the registers to memory and then inspect the memory from the BASIC interpreter.

Maybe I should get a Z80 emulator and type the program in, once I have some free time from working on my new heterogenous hash table?

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Amazing! That paper probably outperformed every other storage medium over 40 years, aside from the low read speed.

Your theory about recovering software from non-volatile mainframes made me want to suggest a YouTube video, "Apollo Guidance Computer Part 15: Recovering lost Apollo software" by curiousmarc.

They visited the Computer History Museum and recovered a (presumed lost) program stored half a century ago in core rope memory.

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I am the same in regards to not understanding my own code after several months or even weeks. It's apparent you are 3 times older than me, but it is what it is.

I often wonder what this means for me and programming in general.

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You sparked a memory now Ned. I remember I made an ASCII NCC-1701 on my Commie 64 that I could move around and fire the phaser banks. Kinda sorry I didn't keep that, just for the LULZ. I started converting it into sprites but lost interest.

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I wrote some TRS80 Mod 1 BASIC programs that I used to teach high school physics. I have toyed with the idea of resurrecting them and even played with an emulator or two. Problem is, I have no printouts but I do have (probably dead) cassette tapes. I have decided it might be interesting but not worth the time or effort.

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Who knows? This game might just show up in MAME one of these days..

Seems like it'd be ripe for reinventing on even a semi-modern platform; you certainly had ideas that haven't been duplicated in the subsequent 40 years.

On that note, probably best you didn't get a Model 1 off E-bay. Without shielding modifications that thing would be a FCC knocking-on-your-door nightmare.

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