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Interesting how you came to many of the same conclusions about the Scrum process! I ended up learning Scrum a few years ago after taking a new job with the Department of Statistics here in Canada. I was hired to design questionnaires and they used the scrum process to develop them. I remember going to the training and how they were set on everyone following things to a T, only to come back and see we modified it in house to serve our needs. CRAGILE is definitely something I relate to! Frankly I would say it was for the best as we seemed to accomplish the task quicker, more efficiently and with less issues. TBH I loved it. My role was similar to the SM as I was an independent expert with a unique role in Scrum and had separate responsibilities from each sprint than the rest of the team. Its a role I miss a lot because I came to enjoy our weekly sprint development meetings (3x3hr meetings) and working with the teams. Was amazing how when everyone has their role and responsibilities, they tend to run with them and avoid disappointing the team by holding up their end of the bargain. As for JIRA, well I won't get into that. Still use it all the time but it drives me insane. It never felt intuitive and frankly felt like it just complicated the process and/or wasted a bunch more time than needed. That said the alternative to managing the process wasn't much better! Sort of wish I completed the CSM course and became certified though, so props for going through with that. I am not a project manager either, so I think I would join you in that minority of CSM's who don't fit that mold.

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